I create clothing as art. I see you as you begin to see yourself... Let me customize something special for you to shine your brightest!  

Elvyn Galactic is my dreams. I am merely a conduit, a channel of higher forces that flow through me and activate you via the clothing. I am here to help others find themselves on a deep and heroic level by bringing out the superhero being that already exists within each of us. Life is a creative fusion of energies. Embrace the healing power of the Rainbow to be a bridge that brings love and light to all who dance within it.

I share my love for expression through many forms with this world. Since being influenced by festival culture from a young age, I have been collecting inspirations all along the way. Elvyn Galactic is a unique style of interactive wearable art. I specialize in color and patchworking 1000 one of a kinds designs. Drawing on color therapy for inspiration, I believe there is a healing power in all color and finding balance of the full spectrum enhances our wellbeing.

​Feeling these energetic roots grow through me as they penetrate the earth, I feel the light flow through me. Collecting the core connections that breath dreams out of air. Fueling the desire to celebrate life like its rare. Connecting the dream frames... playing this real game, creating a world where we can all be seen. Freely letting go, letting life be the flow. Being the light that continues to glow... So I invite you to find your own truth. Look inside and be the one that inspires you the most.  Then we will all share in this sweet elixir. I am here to embody what becomes me, creating soul movements that inspire you to be more free. So love and live you, let the stale energy create new growth. You are living proof that living you is a spiritual life note...